Hey guys! So for Valentine’s Day, I got my husband a cute little date night jar that I want to share with you! I know, a little late, hehe, but better late than never : )

Date Night Ideas:

1. YouTube origami and see who can do it better.

2. Order a pizza with a topping you’ve never had before.

3. Take a long walk to a restaurant. You’ll be extra hungry.

4. Go to a dollar store and splurge $5 on each other.

5. Write a bucket list for your relationship.

6. Have a living room picnic.

7. Drive to where you can really se the stars (ONE OF MY FAVS).

8. YouTube night! Take turns sharing favorite clips.

9. Find a drive-in movie. Or watch a movie in your car!

10. Enjoy a fun day of bike riding.

11. Go bird watching. See who can find 5 different birds first.

12. Plan your dream trip down to the smallest detail.

13. Play a round of disc golf.

14. Grab a burger, rings, and shakes for diner and don’t count calories ; )

15. Binge watch a TV series you’ve never seen.

16. Pick 3 books at the bookstore for each other. Read one.

17.Go to a favorite place in a new way: walk, ride a bike, take the bus..

18. Find a map and locate every place you want to go together.

19. Go to a restaurant you’ve never been to. Write a review.

20. Have a try-Athlon. Pick three things you’ve never tried, seen, or done before.

21. Start a 2 person book club. Don’t forget the wine.

22. Play truth or dare.

23. Pretend you’re on vacation in your own town.

24. Find the best place to watch the sunset (or sunrise).

25. Hold hands and go for a walk.

26. Strike up some fun bowling!

27. Do 3 random acts of kindness together.

28. Play hooky. Call in sick and spend the day together.

29. Have wine and cheese for dinner.

30. Give each other foot massages.

31. Write down five things you love about each other.

32. Play hide-and-seek in the park.

33. Recreate your first date.

34. Play 20 questions based on your relationship.

35. Mini road trip! Go somewhere within an hour of home.

36. Go hear some live music.

37. Buy a puzzle and see if you can finish it in one sitting.

38. One picks what to do… the other picks where.

39. Go to a local high school game or play.

40. Take a dance lesson. Or watch one on YouTube and give it a try.

41. Go to your favorite restaurant and order something new.

42. Meet for drinks or a quick meal at a local landmark.

43. Go through all your old photos and reminisce.

44. Write down 3 movies each and pick from a hat.

45. Have an “electronic free” night. No cheating!!

46. Take a hike. Pack a lunch.

47. Look through magazines and design your dream home.

48. Game night. Pick 3 games each and crown a champion!

49. Build a fort kids would be jealous of. Pop popcorn and watch movies.

50. Head to the pool.

51. Dance night at home. Take turns picking songs.

52. Volunteer to walk dogs at the local shelter.

Guys, I hope you love all of these ideas as much as I do! They’re all awesome whether you live in a city, or a small town like me! If you have any other great ideas, I would love to hear them and maybe make my own date night jar!



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