Hey guys! So I promised a blog post about this amazing brand that I’ve been trying out for the past couple weeks and here I am! It’s called Hair La Vie, and they’re a natural hair care brand that stole my heart the moment I tried their products. I’ll break down some of their stuff later on, but I want to┬átell you what’s all stood out to me just reading their website. They pride themselves in natural hair care and don’t put anything in their products without a purpose! I love their products, and more importantly I love what they stand for. They’re an awesome brand, with awesome products and for that, Hair La Vie, I applaud you!

I tried their products for the first time probably about a week and a half ago, and my hair is already feeling a whole lot different! It’s softer and I’m noticing a lot less breakage when brushing my hair (which is rare, hehe)! The first product that I tried was their shampoo, and at first I wasn’t a HUGE fan. I was actually pretty upset when it wouldn’t lather as much as I’d like. It still lathers, and it smells AMAZING but I love a good lathering shampoo, and I didn’t get that with it. But after I washed it out, my whole impression of it definitely changed and I was most definitely happy with it! It made my hair feel brand new straight after. Now when I tell you that the CONDITIONER CHANGED MY LIFE, IM NOT JOKING. This conditioner made my hair feel BRAND NEW and SO SOFT! I’m even noticing growth just after a week or two! I’m so in love with the conditioner, although this doesn’t lather much either. I use quite a bit, and that I don’t like, but otherwise this conditioner is a game changer. I also love the leave-in conditioner, it smells amazing and makes my hair baby-butt smooth ; ) I have yet to try the dietary supplements and hair masque, but I’ll update you guys when I do! I expect they’ll be great if they’re anything like the other products I’ve tried by them!

Hey, also, I’m working on starting my vlog here soon, and don’t worry, I’ll still be active on here! But what ideas/tips/advice do you have for me just starting!? Also, do you guys have any specific videos you want to see from me? I’d love to hear your feedback and advice, so don’t forget to contact me! I love chatting with you guys!!



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