Hey guys! So after yesterday’s Selenite post, I got a few questions about cleansing crystals, and how you do that if you don’t have a selenite crystal. HAVE NO FEAR!! There are SEVERAL ways to do this without selenite!

Full Moon Cleanse:

One of my favorite ways is the full moon cleanse! Crystals hold onto the energy they take in from you and from their environment, so cleansing is SOSOSOSO important. The full moon cleanse is the most effective way to give your crystals a deep energy cleaning! In order for us to function at our optimal vibration, we need to take care of ourselves consistently, the same goes for our crystals, so when the moon is full, it makes it the most powerful time to release what is no longer serving us/our crystals. SET THOSE BABIES OUT! :  )

How to do the Full Moon Cleanse:

-Before setting out your crystals to bathe in the moonlight, wash them in purified water the day before the full moon

-After washing them, set them out overnight and let them charge in the sunlight for a few hours the next morning!

-Bring them inside and set your intentions! (I’ll do a separate post on setting intentions soon!)

Sage Smudging:

I’ve only done this a select few times, because of the strong smell of the sage, but this is also a very effective way of cleansing your little beauties! This method has been used by Native Americans for CENTURIES to cleanse and purify energies! “Grandfather Sage” has medicinal properties also, but for energetic cleansing and purifying, burn regular dry sage leaves. Burning the leaves creates a small, about 15 second fire, that will go out leaving the leaves smoking up until they’re all consumed.

How to do the sage smudging:

-You can buy a smudge stick, or burn loose sage leaves in a tea light holder (burn 3 or 4 at a time)

-Take your smoldering sage and move it all around your crystals

-After cleansing your crystals, I suggest that you also walk around your home, office, etc. and pay particular attention to corners and under beds : )

Water Running Cleanse:


Natural water is always preferred when doing a water cleanse, but tap water will be fine!

How to do a water cleanse:

-Simply allow cold water to flow over your crystal

-Visualize negative energies washing away and replacing them with positive energies!!

Sunlight Cleanse:

Many crystals LOVE to bathe in the sun! Especially red, orange and yellow ones. But be careful, some crystals laid out in the sun can (and will) fade (a short list below)!

-Amegreen, Amethyst, Ametrine, Apophyllite Green, Aquamarine, Auralite23, Celestite, Citrine, Fluorite, Hiddenite, Kunzite, Opal, Prasiolite, Rose Quartz, Smoky Quartz, Spirit Quartz, Super Seven, Topaz, Turquoise

How to do a sunlight cleanse:

-place out in the sun for a cleanse and recharge for a few hours

Burying in the Earth:

Mother Earth is great for using her vibrations and energies to cleanse your crystals that need a little love! I’ve never done this particular cleanse, just because I never had a spot to burry them, but now that I have soil and a pot at home I will definitely try this one! All you have to do is burry it in the earth (make sure you remember where!!) or in a pot with soil!

Cleansing your crystals is SO important, and needs to be done often! If you use any other ways, let me know and I’ll add them to my list! Thanks for reading guys, I appreciate all of you!



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