Okay wow the title of this post makes me sound crazy, but I’M LOVING MY ESSENTIAL OILS AND MY NEW DIFFUSER GUYS!!

So I contacted ArtNaturals after seeing that a friend had worked with them and was loving their products, and was definitely excited to see a reply! I ordered their products before even contacting them because I had heard such great things about them! I ordered their Bluetooth Diffuser that comes with eight of their most popular essential oils and a Mama and Baby essential oil kit as well! After receiving THOSE AND LOVING THEM, I went back online and ordered MORE because I have no self control.

So far I’ve used my diffuser and my favorite essential oil that comes in the kit (Lemongrass) and I am so in love and can’t wait to use the blends I got! I have yet to use the Bluetooth feature on it, but the mister and color ring work SO WELL! It also is able to tell time and set an alarm, but I haven’t used that yet either! The product packaging also was really pleasant and smelled so lovely! I probably looked quite odd smelling the packaging versus the essential oils but whatever! I like that they foam around all of the glass bottles so nothing happens to them while being shipped, and the diffuser is packaged great too, so you really don’t have to worry about breakage or anything during the shipping process. I also have a few pictures above of the boxes that the oils come in!

I am so pumped to be working with this brand and growing my essential oil collection! I even have a 20% off code for you guys to use store wide! Use the code JUSTA20 when checking out to receive 20% off of your whole order!

If you guys have any questions about anything above, feel free to contact me on here or email me at! I’ll also be doing (hopefully) a blog post on my favorite essential oils and their benefits/uses! Can’t wait for you guys to check it out!

I owe you guys so much love, because you all give me so much! So thank you all and the best of vibes to all my readers! You guys rock!!



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