Hey pretty ladies! A lot of my Insta followers probably know that I’ve recently launched a health and wellness business with Arbonne! I want to share with you guys my why, some amazing products that I’m using, and some info on their ingredients! I was approached about Arbonne by a friend I used to work with a couple years back and was super hesitant! But with a sudden urge to be a better mother, wife and friend, I decided to get a little more information on it and you should too!

My Why

“Intimidated was the first thing I felt when approached about ‘another’ network marketing company. But after hearing the ‘why’s’ and the promises made by these other women who have made their dreams possible through Arbonne, I was no longer intimidated by the ‘network marketing’ aspect. I was intimidated by how much possibility there is in the company. I was intimidated by growing and becoming the best version of myself. Intimidated by how much freedom I could have, or how much more time I can spend with my little.

And I’ll be honest, I looked for every opportunity to NOT be a part of this business at first. I made excuses, I researched the horrible things (that I wasn’t even able to find) and I doubted myself. But something kept telling me to go for it. Message that girl back (whom which I GREATLY appreciate!). Go have coffee and just TALK. And if it’s something you was to do, Ashten, do it.

No more than sitting down with @kenzbenzzzz, I knew. God has been pushing and pushing me to be a better wife, mother, friend and boss and I’ve been too intimidated to see it.

I am so blessed and so excited to start my journey with @arbonne. To become the person that I’ve been needing to be for everyone in my life for a long time. To be able to use products and not worry if it’s going to harm me internally/externally or harm my child, is completely worth it to me. Healthy living, inside and out.”

A post that I wrote a few weeks ago on Instagram explains my why. It explains everything that I’ve been crying out to be, and God saw that. He saw me struggling as a woman, and kept pushing and pushing Arbonne into my life. Even if I end up not making the money I want, I’m still becoming a more driven, courageous, and religious woman, and that in itself is enough.

Ingredient Policy (You’re not Ready for This!!)

We follow European standards, banning 1,300 ingredients along with our own external ingredient policy, banning 700+ ingredients!

“Cosmetic companies may use almost any ingredient they choose.” -The Food and Drug Administration

We literally ban OVER 2,000 INGREDIENTS!! America FDA only bans 13!!

I don’t know about you, but it’s terrifying to think that I could be putting things on my skin that could just be thrown into any makeup/skincare product.

So far, I’ve only tried the skincare and the protein powder, but I was not disappointed AT ALL! The skincare doesn’t leave my face feeling super greasy like normal products, and it actually makes my skin feel refreshed and moisturized! It’s winter time, and I’m pregnant, so my skin is going through everything it shouldn’t be, and the skincare is definitely taking care of things!

I’ve heard amazing things about the nutrition, and I will soon be able to testify on behalf of those products as well! Stay tuned and watch out for a blog post on the nutrition and maybe some before and afters of other people as well! I can’t wait for you guys to hop on board too!

I’m looking for more women to join my team! So please, if you’re interested, shoot me a text at (402)-520-0750 or message me on here! It truly will change you! I look forward to hearing from you!

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