Hello beautiful people! May is finally here and I’m so excited! A lot of aMAYzing things are happening this month, and I want to share them all with you! I’m hoping that some of you guys reading this will be inspired to make your own monthly goals, and achieve them!

Creating goals and writing them out helps bring them to life so here I am bringing mine to life with all of you! Now my goals are totally different than the others’ so don’t think that you have to follow mine! All of my goals are to better my soul and mind and things that I want to accomplish, but feel free to steal some of mine to help yourself too!!


  • Read more books
  • Meditate every morning/night
  • Limit screen time (minus blogging of course!!)
  • Start my own vlog (I can’t wait for this!!)
  • Start drinking more tea and LESS caffeine
  • Also more water
  • Start blogging more often
  • Budget, budget, budget!!
  • Move into our new home and decorate!
  • Grow my plant collection
  • More crystals!!
  • Declutter my WHOLE life!
  • Learn sign language (for better communication with my baby!)
  • Go all natural with my skincare routine (almost there!)
  • Go mostly organic/gluten free (I say mostly because sometimes you just cant help it!)
  • Plant more! (this is entirely different that growing my plant collection hehe)

So there you go! My goals for this May!! If you guys have any goals you’re trying to reach, or want to use any of mine, I would love to know!! Shoot me a message here, I would love to hear from you!!



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