Hey guys!! If you guys know me, you know that I get super pumped about all natural remedies and smellies! So here I am wanting to tell you about my favorite essential oils and how I use them in my everyday life! I’ve been making all natural and organic body butters and chapsticks to stay away from those harsh chemicals, and I infused some essential oils in those babies, and I LOVE them!! Maybe I’ll make a blog post soon about how I make them and my secret ingredients ; )


So lemongrass is by far my favorite essential oil, and if you follow me on Insta you might know that! It’s such a mood booster and gives me those summer vibes that I’m always craving, especially in the other seasons! It relieves headaches, alleviates abdominal and muscle pain and even kills germs! This oil is like the holy grail! I could talk it up all day if I could! I’ll make a list down below of all of it’s benefits for you guys! It’s not one of the most expensive oils, it’s definitely an affordable one, and I would encourage all of you to go out and get it if you need a little pick-me-up! : )


  • relieves headaches
  • alleviates abdominal and muscle pain
  • germ killer
  • reduces fever
  • source of essential vitamins (vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, folate and vitamin C)
  • provides essential minerals (magnesium, phosphorus, manganese, copper, potassium, calcium, zinc and iron)


I’ve been sleeping on rosemary for far too long now! I have no idea why I always refused to use it, but now that I have, I can’t believe I ever lived without it! It smells so amazing, kind of like a floral minty flavor! It always puts me in a better mood, and I love diffusing this baby!


  • improves memory
  • relieves muscle aches and pains
  • decreases hair loss
  • increases hair growth rate


Am I like super basic for having this as one of my favorite oils orrr???? ; ) I don’t even care, eucalyptus was one of the first oils that I’ve ever used and I am so grateful for it and its ability to help me breathe! I use eucalyptus in almost everything, including baths, body butters and chest rubs!


  • improve respiratory conditions (by stimulating the immune system, providing antioxidant properties and improving respiratory circulation)
  • improves seasonal allergies
  • fights infections
  • reduces pain and inflammation
  • improves earaches
  • alleviates headaches


I’ve just recently discovered this essential oil, and I’m not too sure why I have it on this list, hehe. I can’t really smell it to be honest with you but I use it in EVERYTHING! Wanna know why?? Because the internet says great things about it, so I might as well use it if I can’t smell it! And it’s SUPER expensive, so you kind of have to use it, you know?!


  • reduces stress reactions and negative emotions
  • prevents germs from forming on the skin, mouth, or in your home
  • prevents illness
  • prevents signs of aging (helps tone and lift the skin)
  • reduces skin redness and irritation
  • improves memory
  • helps balance hormone levels and improve fertility


Ahh, another one of my favorites! Can you tell I like citrus?? Orange is one of my favorite essential oils, and I’ve always loved the smell of oranges since I was a little girl! This one also brings my mood up, but how can anything citrus-y not!?? It just reminds me of summer and sitting on my porch eating orange slices with my siblings in the summer! It’s not only a feel-good oil either, it’s so useful for so many other things!


  • uplifting and acts as an anti-depressant
  • decreases wrinkles and improves overall complexion
  • contains anti-inflammatory characteristics
  • lowers PMS symptoms (yes please!)


Guys, thank you so much for reading! I hope you go and grab yourselves some of these amazing and healing essential oils that I recommended, you won’t regret it, I PROMISE! Natural healing is such an amazing thing, and it’s a lifestyle that I am so glad that I have stepped into. I am more happy now that I am less medicated! If you have any questions about self/natural healing, or anything natural in general, I would be more than happy to help you guys! Please contact me regarding ANYTHING! I love to chat with all of you!!



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