Okay, so anyone who knows me knows that I am all about aesthetically pleasing… well… everything! Everything has to be in perfect position, the colors have to be right and the angles have to be PERFECT! It’s actually quite annoying if you ask me ; ) anywhoooo I put together a little list of my favorite, aesthetically pleasing Instagram accounts for you guys who are as picky as I am! I just wish I had my issshhh together like these guys!! Enjoy! : )

1. @aspynovard

2. @dreaming_outloud

3. @rachiedemp

4. @alexisbhill

5. @meghanrienks

6. @laurenconrad

7. @ariellevey

8. @corrbeauty

9. @maddy.corbin

10. @tezzamb

So obviously all of these boss a$$ babes are GREAT at what they do, and are gorgeous in every way shape or form!! I hope you follow them on Insta and love them as much as I do! And while you’re at it, go follow me ; ) @justashten



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