Mookait Jasper Bracelet


will power + inspiration
focuses thoughts and emotions to help you see clearly

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10mm — 7 “ bracelet — genuine stone + high quality

Mookait Jasper
will-power + inspiration
Said to slow down the aging process and keeps your spirit feeling young. Focuses your thoughts and emotions to help you see clearly the choices that need to be made.
Solar Plexus Chakra + Root Chakra

Natural gemstone jewelry are made to enhance the wearers energy. Crystals are empowered by the users intentions and energy, and the effectiveness of the gemstones will rely on the user. I cannot predict the outcome regarding my bracelets for each individual.

Each bracelet is handmade by me with love and positive energy! I cleanse each bracelet before sending it to you : )

Please contact me if you have ANY questions about this jewelry!

Thank you so much for visiting my online shop! : )


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