Okay, so let me start out by saying, MY FRIENDS ARE THE CUTEST! I am so thankful for them and our “Yoga Sundays”!

We started out this Sunday with a fun little trip to a local garden center, and we fell in LOVE! A cute little corner dedicated to succulents and cacti stole all of our hearts. (Check down below for an address or click here for their website!) Weird looks didn’t stop us from taking cute pics throughout the whole greenhouse, and let me tell you, we got some CUTE ones! After so much fun at the greenhouse, we made our way to Yogurtini, an aesthetically pleasing frozen yogurt joint in Lincoln! Blues and greens filled the whole shop, and it was the cutest! I definitely loaded my whole 16 oz. cup full of birthday cake flavored frozen yogurt, cookie dough, and all things chocolate, and of course Shelby and Bree loaded their’s with fruits and colorful candy. And then afterrrr a day full of frenzy and fun pictures, we wound down with a Candlelight Flow yoga sesh at Lotus House of Yoga!

Moral of the story: I love my friends

Campbell’s Nursery:

5625 Pine Lake Rd.

Lincoln, NE 68516

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